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Power continuity is essential in security applications. This is an already established fact with many alarm systems being equipped with internal battery backup. But what about CCTV? And any other essential items to the system such as NVRs, monitor displays and computer systems?

For cameras not on a PoE check out the iPower. Its a 12V system that’ll plug straight into the camera.

NVRs and computer systems are SMPS based systems that can use our low cost VIX series to good avail.

However, some of the requirements for security involve longer than normal runtimes (at least 30 minutes and sometimes up to 4 hours). Such applications require the use of higher grade UPS capable of extended runtimes, and for this we need to use the VFI-RT+ systems with additional battery packs. Certain high load systems will require a bespoke battery system which we an provide for. Example here.

iPower DC UPS System
VIX Series UPS – Line Interactive Square Wave
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