UPS Calculator

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UPS Calculator

We know choosing a UPS can be daunting to the uninitiated, so we’ve made our UPS Selection Tool to help you. This is a web based UPS Calculator that allows you to choose the most appropriate UPS for your application.

How It Works

Our calculator is unique in that it works backwards. Many other UPS Calculators are basically lookups on the power requirements. The Power Inspired UPS Calculator provides solutions based on power, required runtime and other options.

The only thing you really need to know is how much power your system requires. For help, check around our Knowledge Base for guidance on how to find out – or at least make a good estimate.

Secondly, how long to you need the UPS to support your system for? Be realistic in your expectations. Long runtimes mean higher capacity batteries. You may find that unrealistic expectations will give you results that require a large battery bank, or no results at all.

Next add in any essential items that you require. You can choose the UPS technology that you may require, extras like an Intelligent Slot for Network or Relay cards. You may require an LCD display, or require that the unit is rack-mountable. In any event the UPS Calculator has practically all the various options that you require. Note that selecting too many, or incompatible options may give no results, so its best to leave the options for what are essential. For example, if you need 19″ racked units, but would like UK socket outlets but not essential, then select the 19″ rackable option in case the UPS Calculator cannot find any products that do both.

The Results

Once you have entered your requirements, hit the find product button and your options are displayed. In grid format you can see each product offering, and by selecting list format you get additional details on each of the solutions. You can simply press “Buy Now” to add these to your shopping cart and check out.

If no solutions are found then relook at your requirements or contact us for assistance.

Find the UPS Calculator in the online store section of our website.

UPS Calculator

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