Free Giveaway!

Free Giveaway!

We need space!

To meet the forecasting demands of our customers we need to clear space in our warehouse. Over time we’ve accumulated a lot of useful stuff, either for engineering evaluation or end of line units. We’ve a lot of very functional and useful kit that we would be delighted to give away to good causes.

We have a bunch of 5KVA solar inverters, some outdoor cabinets, sample UPS including some Lithium units, a big battery cabinet capable of holding 32x 100Ah blocks, plus other cabs that no longer match our existing portfolio. Some units we can’t sell being prototypes but all are safe. The pièce de résistance is a fully grid tied 4KW inverter/charger with attached Lithium battery!

There are also a numerous items sitting on the engineering dept. shelf that can be put to good use somewhere we are sure – so if you have any requirements then drop us a line with details of your organisation and we’ll do our best to help.

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