Good Packaging Matters

Good Packaging Matters

With more and more consumer spending being done online, it’s safe to say that we have all had to return something to a seller at one time or another. Whether the item you’ve received is damaged or just doesn’t meet you expectations, the process of returning your order is important.

Shipping your items via a courier is usually the easiest way. Choosing the right company to handle your goods can reduce the risk of damaging your parcel.

But more importantly, good packaging matters.

Whilst in transit, the content of your parcels is likely to be subjected to various knocks and bumps. Without adequate protection this could be a big problem.

The “Power Inspired Way”

Here at Power Inspired, we recommend that any items returned to us are boxed as securely as possible. In an ideal world, using the original packaging we designed purposely for each item would be great. But not everyone has room to keep an old box in the loft!

If this is not an option, only strong, heavy duty double walled corrugated boxes give you the best chance of returning heavy, expensive goods in the state you received them. However, even then you would require some internal protection from the pressures and forces of the journey ahead.

By using bubble wrap, polystyrene or packaging paper you can ensure you item is well cushioned and reduce the chance of damage occurring during transportation.

Choose a box slightly larger than your item in all dimensions and cover the base in a layer of packaging material. Place your item in the centre of the box, allowing an equal space around each side. Use more packaging material to ensure each side is well padded. Check that when the box is lifted and moved, the item doesn’t slide about. Movement inside the box indicates that your item is not secure and increases the chance of damage. Add more packaging until the item holds still. Leave enough room to add a final amount of packaging on top. Your item should now be completely surrounded by your chosen packaging. Finally seal your parcel with strong parcel tape. We recommend wrapping the tape completely around the box at least once to ensure a strong hold.

By packaging securely and following our simple advice, no matter what you ship, you can have confidence that your item will arrive to its destination as it left you.

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