Headington Youth Gain New Away Kit

Headington Youth Gain New Away Kit

Headington Youth FC (http://www.headingtonyouthfc.co.uk/) is a new club only founded last year, and this team –  the Under 10’s – has made great progress since their first outings. I recall losing count of the goals conceded with only the odd goal scored. Coach Luke has made great progress in turning a bunch of boys, most of which could hardly kick a ball, into a team which is now giving as good as they get.

We were formally approached by U10 manager Donny for assistance in providing co-ordinated training / away tops as it’s important to develop team spirit and not to appear like amateurs running around in pink bibs when there’s a colour clash with the opposition. Well they are amateurs of course but you know what I mean. And when I say formally, I mean Facebook messages suggesting a fund for the kit, showing me pictures on the mobile with a nudge nudge wink wink and looking at me in a “how can you say no to training kits for the boys” kind of way. Anyway, we were happy to oblige. And in case any Daily Telegraph journalists read this, it was nothing to do with the fact my boy plays for them. Nothing at all.








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