10 Point Guide to UPS System Selection
This 10 Point Guide to UPS System Selection guides you through almost everything you need to know when choosing a suitable battery backup solution.
UPS Systems Explained
UPS Systems are devices providing continuity of power in the event of a power grid anomaly. They can also provide other degrees of power protection. The levels of power protection obtained depend on the technology utilised. There are 3 UPS System technologies and these are offline, line interactive and online double conversion. These are designated […]
Working Out UPS Power Requirement
A guide to working out what the minimum rating of UPS System is required for your load.
Power Quality Problems and Solutions
There are 9 recognised power quality problems. Here we look at what they are and how we can protect against them. Problem Description Solution A total loss of the utility supply. One of the most recognised power quality problems. Caused by circuit trips, blown fuses, road works, faults etc. Obviously anything electrical switches off. Solved […]
UPS Runtime
UPS runtime is all to do with the battery capacity and the load level. Beware misleading runtime information.
Extended Run UPS Systems
Long run time applications are not just about a large battery, you need to be able to recharge that battery effectively when power is restored.
UPS HID Compliant USB Interface
HID, an anacronym for “Human Interface Device”, usually intended for devices like your computer mouse or keyboard, but is the standard for “plug and play” devices that operate over your computer USB port. A USB HID allows the UPS to become a plug and play device without the need for installing additional software. Our new […]
Choice of UPS Inverter
Certain UPS System technologies are only suitable for certain applications. Your choice of UPS inverter depends upon what you are wanting to protect.
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