New Product for FTTP – the iPower-DC2

New Product for FTTP – the iPower-DC2

Power Inspired launch the iPower-DC2 – a DC UPS designed to provide long runtimes on telecommunications equipment. Not only will this keep equipment going in mission critical applications following a power outage – it allows FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) companies to have compliance with OFCOM guidance on providing telephony services for an hour following a power outage. 1

The Power Inspired existing iPower-H is a fantastic solution for this, and indeed is used in many thousands of installations for that very purpose, however with the increased power demands of routers and hubs the need for a more powerful and higher runtime unit became apparent.

Most DC based IT products are 12V, however a proportion are 9V powered and some even 24V. Furthermore, more essential equipment is being powered via USB. In addition several separate boxes can be required in an installation requiring several connections. The iPower-DC2 encompasses all these scenarios with adjustable 9V, 12V or 24V operation, a 2A USB port and 5 DC jack outlets. An adapter can also be used for affixing to a DIN rail on the wall or in a cabinet.

Runtime is impressive with a 10,000mAh Lithium Ion battery pack delivering over an hours runtime at 25W. Full safety is ensured by using UN38.3 certified cells, and with full battery protection circuitry – the battery pack is monitored for overcharge, over-discharge and over-current.

iPower DC2 Rear Panel Connections

Operation is simple. Set the Voltage Selector switch to the nominal voltage of your power supply and plug in. The iPower-DC2 will start automatically and provide continuous power to the connected loads. If the DC power is unavailable the iPower-DC2 can be cold started – to basically act as a power bank.

To save needless expense and waste, the iPower-DC2 is intended to be used with the AC/DC adapter that comes with the equipment to be protected. However it can be provided with a suitable AC adapter within the same box and any additional leads required. It comes as standard with two 30cm DC-DC leads with sprung connectors suitable for 2.1 or 2.5mm input jacks.

For further information see iPower DC UPS or contact us.

iPower DC2 UPS
Power Inspired iPower-DC2

1 “Providers should have at least one solution available that enables access to emergency organisations for a minimum of one hour in the event of a power outage in the premises.” From Protecting access to emergency organisations when there is a power cut at the customer’s premises Guidance on General Condition A3.2(b)

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