New Range Of Low Cost UPS Systems – VIX series

New Range Of Low Cost UPS Systems – VIX series

VIX seriesLet’s face it, there’s no point in having a fully featured product if the underlying technology is basic. It’s like a fully loaded luxury car with the lowest grade engine. Take VIX series product. The underlying technology is square wave. This is OK for many applications, but everybody knows sine wave is better and more appropriate for the majority of applications but we still buy square wave products. Why?

It’s simply a matter of cost.

Which is why Power Inspired’s new ‘N-Series’ of the VIX series of Uninterruptible Power Supplies has been stripped back to the bare minimum in order to provide you with our entry level unit at the lowest possible cost. Well, I say bare minimum, but this is not strictly true. We still have USB communications and network surge protection, so the units can still be used to protect networking and computer systems and allow graceful shutdowns.

Gone are UK socket outlets, replaced with ubiquitous IEC terminals. This is not such a bad thing. This allows a different length of lead to be used if required making installation a little easier, each unit comes with the required “loop through” cable to connect IEC to IEC and we can always provide UK adapters if required. Oh, and unlike other manufacturers we won’t expect you to provide your own mains lead. Every product comes with a suitable power cord. We won’t skip on cost at the expense of safety and customer service.

LED DisplayThe biggest change is the loss of the LCD. They do look good and allow you at a glance status, but hey, most of the time the unit’s on the floor under the table and we’re not looking at it anyway. In any case these have been replaced with LED indicators, and the 2KVA model will still show you load and battery level except this time with LEDs and not an LCD.

Under the hood runtime is as good as any comparable product with both 1KVA and 2KVA housing dual battery strings (of 7Ah and 9Ah respectively) and the units are of line interactive topology ensuring there is no need to operate on battery mode in the event of a simple brown out.

The net result is a lower cost unit that doesn’t detract from the most important job it has to do, and that is to provide you with continued power and elementary power protection.

The new VIX-N series is available in 1KVA / 600W (VIX1000N) and 2KVA / 1200W (VIX2000N) models and is in stock now.

NOTE: The VIX-N is a trade-only product.

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