New Silent UPS

New Silent UPS

The replacement for the AG1500S is on its way!

Silent UPS are nothing new. Power Inspired have several products that don’t make a sound, save for alarms or fan noise when active, but they don’t provide a high quality power output at all times.

HiFi buffs have long appreciated the benefits of pure power based on the merits of AC Power ReGeneration, with the AG500, AG1500 and AG1500S being successful products designed specifically for this market.

The concepts behind AC Power ReGeneration are based on tried and tested technology. The problem is cooling, and more specifically quiet cooling. Here at Power Inspired we’ve taken a pragmatic approach to the problem. Use the best quality fans with low noise output, but only push them to the limit when needs must. But even then such fans create an audible disturbance.

So we developed fan speed control mechanisms, at first manual, then pseudo-manual, next automagic and now the Advanced Speed Control (ASC) architecture is here.

Advanced Speed Control

Advanced Fan Speed Control

The new VFI1000QS incorporates low audible noise fans and the ASC ensures that at low temperatures the fans are kept at low speeds, only increasing upon actual need. The net result is a system that provides the highest degrees of power protection, with practically zero audible noise.

A UPS System

Unlike the AG1500 and AG1500S systems, the VFI1000QS incorporates internal batteries as standard. This decision was taken as we want the system to protect from all power problems, including momentary outages, which the AG series (500 and battery pack systems excluded) did not. The VFI1000QS is a true (near as possible) silent UPS System with AC ReGeneration.

This makes the VFI1000QS suited to any application that requires the ultimate in power protection performance without the noise. Applications include Audio Visual, servers and critical workstations in quiet office environments, locations near to where people work and the list goes on.

The VFI1000QS is currently in production and scheduled to be available this Christmas from our 1VA webstore. For some bedtime reading in anticipation you can download the manual.

Contact us if you wish to be kept up to date with developments.

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