Our New Website

Our New Website

We’ve made some changes to our website. This is to more reflect the type of business that Power Inspired has evolved into, whilst maintaining the link to what got us here in the first place. We were the first company to open an online store exclusively for power protection products. Previously, you would have had to buy from an online IT company with zero support and pay over-the-odds. We founded the UPSMart online webstore in 2008, as well as a separate, more corporate, powerinspired.com website. Later we introduced a second webstore on the powerinspired.com website which was aimed more at Business to Business transactions.

Over time, users on powerinspired.com overtook UPSMart and we made the decision to mothball the latter and concentrate on the former. As a consequence, our website has been more or less an online store. However, we are much more than that, with the majority of our business now being to OEM clients and UPS resellers. In addition, our product range is more complex with a number of products that aren’t suitable for online sales. Our store is able to showcase these but at the cost of making the user experience more complex.

What we’ve done is to take the products that are suitable for online sales and create a revised webstore. I’ll not say a new webstore as the functionality, user access and pages are identical to our previous site. It’s just been moved up a directory to archive.powerinspired.com/store/. Our new site provides more flexibility in advertising our message – we are specialists in single phase UPS systems with a wide-ranging product portfolio providing solutions for practically any power protection solution.

We’d be happy to hear of any queries, comments or suggestions. Use the contact form, or email us directly.

Thanks for reading!

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