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The AG Series of AC Power ReGenerator is a new concept in power protection.

They are built upon tried and tested online double conversion technology. This means that the incoming AC power is first converted, or rectified, into DC power. This DC power then feeds an inverter which creates a brand new, very stable, very high quality AC power waveform.

Now this technology is not new, but what Power Inspired have done is to minimise effects caused by electrostriction and other effects that cause audible buzzing noises. Not only that but we’ve redesigned the product for alternative cooling means. Unlike an online UPS – even with fan speed control – our AG series of AC ReGenerators are practically silent making the AG Series suitable for applications where online UPS fear to tread. Audio Visual and Hi Fi applications are the obvious choice. For optimum viewing and listening enjoyment, you need good quality power from a low impedance source. The AG series delivers precisely that but does it without undue noise. Indeed, for HiFi enthusiasts, the AG1500 contains a PWM fan speed adjustment making the unit almost inaudible when operating at under 50% load.

One of the other differences that has been included is the disabling of the UPS bypass. When online units typically switch off or have some sort of fault they revert to bypass operation. Now, this is normally done for power continuity measures. However the drawback of this is that unconditioned power is fed to your load with the potential to cause damage to your equipment. If you want pure power, then that’s what the AG series gives you – all the time.

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Set up my new toy Thursday and immediately discovered new levels of fine detail in recordings that I have known for decades along with a clearer definition of recorded space, depth and positioning of voices and instruments. Absolutely brilliant! These observations are based on 20 years of experimentation with power conditioners. – LeeMedia, Denmark

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