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AG1500 Review – MrMe WigWam

I have recently added an AG 1500 regenerator into my system as from past experience I know that my mains supply is somewhat erratic to say the least.

Previously I have tried an IsoTek Mini-Sub, which I found to actually degrade the sound of my system and quickly moved it on. I then found and old voltage stabilizer and a 4KV isolation transformer and used them to good effect. My third addition was one of Sodders filters, which did marginally improve things. The old voltage stabilizer worked basically as a variac, measuring the incoming voltage and adjusting to the preset voltage of 230V but this was not fast enough and high or low voltages were still present for short durations.

I replaced all of this mains kit with a 3KV online double conversion UPS and this gave me a big uplift to the performance of my system over the previous incarnations.

Unfortunately the fan failed so I contacted Tony at Power Inspired and he offered me the AG1500 regenerator as a replacement. I liked the idea of controllable fan speed, as fan noise had always been an issue with the previous UPS but what I wasn’t prepared for was increase in just about every area of performance in my system over the 3KV UPS.

It’s a fairly large unit measuring approx. 19 x 17.5 inches so could be a bit difficult placing it in a standard rack but it also has feet so that you can mount it vertically. There are two fans at the rear of the unit and a small screw for adjusting the fan speed. The mains input is via an IEC connector and the output via a standard 13A socket. The power switch on the front of the unit is used for switching between standby and the regenerated output of a near constant 230V. It does not switch the unit off so I assume that this is meant to be powered up all the time. There is a display on the front that you can scroll through showing output voltage’ input voltage, % load etc. There is no battery back-up but a separate battery unit can be supplied but not really necessary in an audio/video set up. I have connected an Olsen 6 way distribution block to the output and all my kit is connected to that.

I am genuinely hearing deeper, better defined bass along with a more tonally accurate mid-range and a soundstage that appears to have expanded in all directions. I don’t know what the difference is compared to the 3KV UPS other than having half the rated output plus no batteries but I do know it’s probably the most cost effective upgrade that I have made.

I maintain that having a stable and correct mains supply is essential to get the best out of any system and for the longevity of all electronics. So my advice to anyone would be to start with a regenerator in your system and any piece of kit that you add will always work at its best, that’s my take on it anyhoo.

It might not work to the same extent for everyone, possibly dependent on your mains supply but I know I now couldn’t listen without one. A true bargain in my estimation.

Mr Me (John) on HiFi WigWam Forum


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