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AG1500 Review – S Shaw

Your colleague asked me to let you know how the AG1500 was fairing with the noisy Valve amplifier, my Luxman MQ88.

Well I’m pleased to say – the zizzing noise is all but disappeared – now only audible with one’s ear really close to the mains and output transformer casing on the power amplifier. SO pleased to say your unit has achieved what it was expected of it; clean mains. What may also be of interest to you, is I’m sure you know most Valve Power Amplifiers need to have the bias to the valves adjusted from time to time.

Luxman MQ88
What I have noticed, is that since fitting the AG 1500 into my system the bias voltage has been ROCK Steady and I mean rock steady never varies. It will over time as the valves usage and wear takes hold of the valve working life but 230v is what it says on the screen when the incoming voltage can vary over quiet a wide range, and I must assume this variable mains voltage is what was influencing the bias voltage variation until the AG1500 was installed!

Sound Quality – not easy to comment however – I am sure the sound stage is not only wider but more forward in presentation! Previously the sound stage was between and behind the speakers…
My room is not ideal and my speakers Reference 3A are good with lots of detail and clean bass for a stand mount albeit not to deep…

So a result! It would have been really helpful to have a dedicated owner handbook the one supplied references a UPS unit and more information about the technology within the AG1500 would be of interest.

If you wish to discuss further do let me know.
A great unit and excellent value for money!

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