AG1500S AC Power ReGenerator

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AG1500S AC Power ReGenerator

The AG1500S ReGenerator provides a highly stable low distortion power supply with practically zero noise output. Suitable for use with Audio Visual or any application requiring the high grade power with no noise distraction.

Reviewed by HI-FI WORLD in September 2018, the AG1500S ReGenerator was considered “excellent – extremely capable” – a must have for any serious HiFi system.

AG1500S ReGenerator Rear Panel

The rear panel incorporates 6x IEC C13 outlets, one high powered C19 outlet for connection of up to 1500 Watts of attached load. A 72V battery pack can be supplied as an option to allow the AG1500S to operate as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS System) if required.

The unit contains two extremely quiet cooling fans that are controlled by our unique microprocessor controlled Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fan speed control circuit. The AG1500S ReGenerator can also be monitored on an attached computer via USB. Furthermore an EPO (Emergency Power Off) port is available to allow disconnection of power in critical applications.

Please see the Further Info links and the New AC Power ReGenerator: AG1500S page.

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