VFI-B Series Online UPS System

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VFI-B Series Online UPS System


Power Inspired’s VFI-B Series of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides best in class performance and power protection at a fraction of the prices of comparable systems. It is a true double conversion online UPS System. Providing protection against power failure, power sags, power surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variations, switching transients and harmonic distortion, with features that include high output power factor, online double conversion technology, adjustable voltage, frequency conversion, hot swappable batteries, extended run and load shedding the VFI-B provides outstanding value for money. Take a look….


VFI Online UPS System in rackHow’s this for a versatile product. The unit can be situated both horizontally and vertically. Support brackets are provided for vertical standing. These brackets extend when one or more battery packs are added ensuring the entire UPS arrangement is stable and secure. The unit also comes with rack ears for connecting into a 19inch rack, and both the UPS and any cabinet occupy only 2U of rack height. The LCD display can be electronically rotated simply by pressing the buttons on the front of the UPS ensuring you don’t have to turn your head to 90° to read the display regardless of the configuration.



Power Factor: The VFI-B series has an impressive output power factor of 0.9. What this means in reality is you get more power handling capacity in real terms. The VFI3000B can provide 2700W of power. This is a full 600W of power more than competitive products specifying the same 3000VA rating but with output power factor of 0.7. The VFI1500B is also more comparable to 2000VA alternatives as it’s rating of 1350W is almost on a par with a 2KVA/1400W systems.

Modern electrical design standards now insist that equipment has as near as possible to unity input power factor, this renders the specifying of Volt-Amps meaningless in UPS. The VFI-B series high power factor ensures that it will be suitable for your load.

Voltage & Frequency Conversion: The true double conversion  online UPS System technology will always provide a constant high quality voltage output regardless of what is happening to the input mains supply. This output can be adjusted to 208V, 220V, 230V or 240V depending upon your application. The unit auto senses the supply frequency and will output this as default (50Hz in Europe) however it can be configured to always be either 50 or 60Hz, allowing equipment designed for US 208V 60Hz supplies to be operated from the VFI3000B.

EPO: The VFI-B is fitted with an Emergency Power Off (EPO) terminal that will completely shut the unit down when activated allowing the UPS to be used in applications where power protection is required but with the ability to ensure load can be disconnected in an emergency. This EPO terminal can be configured for either normally open or normally closed operation.

Extended Run

Being an online UPS System, the VFI-B is suitable for extended run applications. Under the front panel on the VFI-B is an output connector for the connection of an external matching battery module. Up to 4 additional battery modules can be added allowing up to an hours runtime at full load. The connections are done via the front panel with screwable “knockouts” on the top and bottom to allow the battery to be placed to the left or right of the UPS in vertical orientation or above or below in an horizontal configuration. Once the panels are attached the battery cabling is neatly out of the way and cannot be seen providing a neat and safe arrangement.

Each Battery Module has its own built in charger, and does not rely upon the charger built in to the UPS. This mechanism ensures that the addition of battery modules does not impact the recharge time.

The battery modules are truly matching. Each is the same physical dimensions of the parent UPS.

Load Shedding

When the UPS is on battery power, some systems may be more critical than others. For example, you may have a server that can be shut down temporarily but essential that a router is kept powered for as long as possible.

With the VFI-B Series you can program a load segment to be shut down when the battery levels falls to a pre-defined state, keeping the more critical loads running for as long as possible.


The UPS and the Battery Modules are designed with ease of maintenance. In order to replace the batteries the maintainer need only unclip the front panel, disconnect the battery connector, unscrew the battery tray and remove it. Then fit a new battery tray and reverse the procedure. This can be done in moments, and the UPS does not have to be shut down thereby eliminating downtime.

The battery modules contain 2 packs and the replacement procedure is excatly the same.

In the event of a UPS fault, a code is provided to enable a quick lookup to determine if the fault may be a site issue, or if the fault can be addressed on site or a replacement is required.


On the rear panel of the VFI-B are USB and RS232 serial communication ports. UPSILON2000 software is provided to be installed on Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems, allowing control and monitoring of the UPS and controlled shut down of the attached computer.

SNMP CardAn ‘Intelligent Slot’ is also provided for connection of either a Relay or SNMP Card. A relay card contains a set of contacts that activate when certain UPS events occur – such as on battery, low battery or fault. This can be connected to an external alarm panel either bespoke or part of a Building Management System, or to an AS400 type server.

An SNMP card provides the ability to monitor and control the UPS over a network and even remotely using the internet. Two types of card are available – basic performance and advanced. The advanced card is suitable where secure protocols such as SNMPv3 are required.

Lower Operating Costs

Online UPS system technology is of course the most inefficient of UPS technologies due to the double conversion topology. However the VFI-B incorporates new conversion designs and operates at an efficiency of ≥89% which can be increased by 5% by placing the unit into ECO Mode.

In ECO (economy) mode the UPS behaves like a line interactive UPS and will only activate the inverter when the mains supply is out of tolerance. However, with the VFI-B series the tolerance at which the unit will operate in ECO mode can be adjusted allowing savings in operating costs specific to your operating environment without compromising functionality.

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