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Line Interactive Sine Wave, Rack/Tower UPS Systems. Hot Swappable, HiD Compliant USB, Intelligent Slot, Emergency Power Off, High Efficiency UPS

Microprocessor based line interactive design

The VIS-RT UPS is designed with microprocessor controller for fast response to power disturbances.

Pure sine wave output

With pure sine wave output the VIS-RT series guarantees compatibility for all kinds of loads. It provides perfect power protection for versatile applications such as networking, telecom and other mission critical applications.

Rack / Tower design

VIS-RT in Vertical Orientation

The VIS-RT series is designed in true 2U universal-mount case. It can easily be installed as floor standing or in 19-inch rackmount frame.

The support brackets and rack ears are supplied as standard.

VIS-RT Rack Tower Line Interactive UPS System

Programmable power management outlets

With programmable power management outlets, users can easily and independently control load segments. During power failure this feature enables users to extend battery time to mission critical devices by timely shutting down the non-critical devices.

ECO operation for energy saving (Efficiency Corrective Optimizer)

The ECO function allows cost-effective operation of UPS Systems as high as 98%. In this operation mode, load is supplied by the mains. When battery is fully charged, the fan will stop running for energy saving. In the event of a mains failure the inverter will take over the system and constantly provide power to the connected load.

Emergency Power Off Function (EPO)

This feature can secure personnel and equipment in case of fires or other emergencies.

Built-in boost and buck AVR

With built-in voltage regulator, the UPS will maintain regulated nominal output without using battery power during brownouts and overvoltages.

Output power factor 0.9

The VIS-RT is a high density UPS with output power factor 0.9 to provide higher performance and efficiency to critical applications.

Communication Options

The VFI-RT has an intelligent slot for the connection of an optional SNMP or dry contact relay card. HID compliant USB interface and legacy RS232 provided.

Hot-swappable battery design

Battery tray accessible via the removable front panel.

This design ensures clean and uninterruptible power to protected equipment during battery replacement.

Rear Panel

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