Lithium Battery (KR Series) UPS

Product Range Lithium Battery (KR Series) UPS

KR-RM-LI Lithium UPS Systems

Available in 1-3KVA rack/tower models, incorporating an inbuilt Lithium Ion battery, the KR-RM-LI are true online double conversion UPS Systems with many advantages over lead acid equivalents. Available in CE/UKCA 230V models and ETL(UL) 120V models for North American market.

Lithium Battery Advantages

Lower Wholelife Costs
Compared with Lead Acid

KR-RM-LI Benefits

Rear Panel Configurations

KR1000RM-LI (1KVA 230V)


KR2000RM-LI / KR3000RM-LI (2/3KVA 230V)

KR1000ARM-LI (1KVA 120V)

KR2000ARM-LI (2KVA 120V)

KR3000ARM-LI (3KVA 120V)

Certifications and Approvals

The 230V models are certified to meet CE and UKCA requirements for safety, electromagnetic safety and RoHS requirements.

The 120V models are ETL certified, equivalent to UL, for the North American market.

Further Info

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