How to save energy during Christmas season

How to save energy during Christmas season

Energy saving during Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought it’s important to talk about energy usage during this jolly period. We all know that Christmas is the season of light, warmth and coziness. But with lots of Christmas lights comes the highly dreaded January energy bill. Here are some easy tips on how you can enjoy the Christmas magic without being out of pocket:

1. Choose LED Christmas lights 

Chrismas lights


Invest in LED mini Christmas lights over regular ones to save on energy bills. LED lights use around 90% less electricity and cost nearly 6 times less to run than regular lights. They create the same magical atmosphere – and they also have a longer life span!

2. Don’t leave your Christmas tree lights on when you’re out

Christmas energy saving

A decorated and lit up Christmas tree is definitely one of the most beautiful things about Christmas. But is it necessary to leave the tree lights on even when you are out of house or overnight? Turn them off when you’re not in the room and save money.


3. Don’t leave electrical appliances in stand-by mode

Energy saving christmas

TV, Hi-Fi, game consoles, laptops and phone chargers… The list goes on and on. And during Christmas period we tend to use these appliances more than ever! Did you know that leaving chargers plugged in alone can cost you up to £60 a year! Unplug your chargers if not in use and switch off your TV when you’re not watching it – it can spare you quite a few pounds (well… at least those in your wallet).


4. Candles

Saving energy during Christmas

Candles can not only create beautiful atmosphere – they can also save a few pence on your winter electricity bills, if you use them as a light source during cold winter evenings. Just make sure you don’t leave them unattended.


5. Use one or the other

Christmas lights saving energy

Have you decorated your lounge with lots of Christmas lights? If your answer is yes, consider if you really need to turn the main lights on as well. Stick to one or the other and save some cash.


6. Wash your Christmas jumpers at 30 degrees

Saving electricity

Did you know that washing machines use 40% less energy when washing at 30 degrees than washing at higher temperatures? Keep that in mind next time you wash your warm sweaters and you could save on your electricity bills.


7. Keep the temperature down

saving energy during Christmas

With all those Christmas lights on, cooking, baking and people around, the heat will naturally increase in your home so no need to have the heating up too high. It can also save you a little bit of money on energy bills.


8. Energy efficient cooking

save money at christmas

Cooking, baking, frying, boiling… it all costs money in energy. And during Christmas, when food is everywhere you look, it is even more noticeable. Try to cut down on energy costs by placing multiple dishes in the oven at the same time, or using smaller appliances such as microwave for smaller cooking tasks. Keeping the lids on your cooking pots can also shorten the cooking time, hence lower energy usage.


9. Peace of mind


Enjoy the season of peace truly peacefully knowing that your crucial equipment is protected. Have a UPS system connected to any of your critical load. Don’t have a UPS yet? Our handy UPS calculator tool will help you determinate which UPS is most suitable for your equipment.

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