Taking care of your UPS – Battery Service

Taking care of your UPS – Battery Service

Built in batteries in Uninterruptible Power Supplies are important part of the units – they keep the UPS functioning and provide runtime for your critical load. The majority of Uninterruptible Power Supplies use maintenance free, non-spillable sealed lead acid batteries. But even the highest quality battery comes to the end of it’s life one day. This can have a negative effect on the runtime of your UPS and even cause the UPS to misbehave.

For peace of mind that your critical load is protected and your UPS is in good condition, it is recommended to service the batteries after 3 to 5 years of use.  Please note that this time scale is estimated. Numerous factors have an effect on batteries’ lifetime: for example how many times the batteries have been depleted, the ambient temperature of site where your unit is installed, etc.

Here at Power Inspired we understand the importance of well functioning batteries and offer Dual Battery Service for VIX and VIS products.

When you order a service, we will assign an RMA number for you and advise on our warehouse delivery address. It is your responsibility to securely wrap the unit and get it delivered to our warehouse. Please ensure you use reputable courier to avoid damage in transit.

Once the unit arrives, our qualified technicians will undertake functional checks, they will perform minor repairs if required. They will clean the unit, replace the batteries and test the unit for electrical safety.  We care about our environment and will take care of safe and environmental disposal of used batteries.

Once our technical team finish the process, we will return the unit back to you. It is that easy! Taking care of your equipment is important – order UPS service from our webstore for peace of mind.

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