The Easy Way To Choose Your Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Easy Way To Choose Your Uninterruptible Power Supply

We’ve updated our Uninterruptible Power Supply Selector to include our new products and new product configurations as well as making improvements to the layout. This has resulted in a tool that is suitable to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

All you need to know is the power consumption of the equipment you want to protect and the minimum time period you want it to protect the system for. You can either search at this point or add in features that are absolutely required. Press search and the algorithm picks out the UPS Systems and configurations that match your requirements. Scroll through this list, sort it, look at the information and then add it to your cart with the click of a button.

If the list is too long, or too short, try adding in or removing features. You can select specific technologies, or certain features. For example, if you must have an LCD display, select this as an option. Only the units with an LCD display will be shown.

You can also choose to show only the products we have in stock. This is useful if you have an urgent requirement, however note that all products that are listed in the results are current products and that although no stock is showing they may be in production and due any time soon. If the ideal solution is showing out of stock, then contact us to establish lead time.

If the selector doesn’t find any products then have a look at the features you have chosen. For example, if you selected UK socket outlets and IEC socket outlets, then this is unlikley to produce a solution. Think about using IEC outlets with one of our UPS adapters such as the 10AIEC4WUK2M IEC to 4 way UK gang adapter. You can then deselect UK socket outlets and arrive at a solution.

If no solution is available, then the combination of runtime and power is too high for an off the shelf product. However we may be able to help you with a bespoke battery string and UPS. Use the Contact Us form to get in touch with your requirements.

If you have a new UPS System project, or you’re already buying UPS Systems and looking for an alternative, or just want to see what’s available then check out the Uninterruptible Power Supply Selector.

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