UPS Runtime API Released. Register Now.

UPS Runtime API Released. Register Now.

Our bespoke UPS Selector is an extremely useful tool in correctly selecting a UPS. In order to assist our customers in selecting the UPS within their quote tools we have opened up the UPS Runtime API (Application Programming Interface).  This is a powerful tool that can select a UPS meeting runtime criteria, or calculate the runtime for a particular UPS. The request can be filtered to only include certain model types, or to exclude certain model types or models. This allows the request to be dynamically filtered based on requirements. This is useful where only particular model types are offered or certain features are required. It also includes the new Lithium Battery UPS Systems.

The API can be added into a quote tool or website and requires JavaScript integration. The API is queried with a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) request and a JSON object is returned containing the results of the query. Registration with Power Inspired is necessary as the calculation is performed on our servers. In order to comply with the requirements for Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) guidelines the server will only accept requests from pre-approved domains.

UPDATE: We’ve also used the API for our own UPS Selector Tool.

There is a comprehensive readme file available and the example by the author.

Did you know we can also tailor the default request to your individual requirements? Just let us know which models you want the API to return and we can auto-filter it for you.

Request Access to the UPS Runtime API by Completing the following form:


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