UPS vs Tubular Motor Cross Reference Guide

UPS vs Tubular Motor Cross Reference Guide

How to select correct UPS for door applications

We’ve created this guide to assist in selecting the correct UPS for a range of typical tubular motors. From the Nm (torque) reading on your motor, select the corresponding UPS from the list below. If your torque isn’t specified then use the next highest.

Motor Torque
Power Rating
Recommended UPS
12 168 VIS1000B
20 178 VIS1000B
50 310 VIS1000B
60 310 VIS1000B
120 450 VIS1000B
150 500 VIS2000B
180 520 VIS2000B
230 870 VIS2000B
330 980 VIS2000B
500 1350 VFI3000T

Note this table is based on Eurodrive tubular motors from published information. Where conflicts have been identified we’ve used the worst case. There is allowances made for start up currents of a factor of 1.4.

Remember UPS can have some failings in door applications in that they switch to battery immediately following a power cut. This can drain the battery. To avoid this happening you will need to use the Power Inspired GATEWAY product.

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